Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bistro Chez Remy

Disney is known for their themed restaurants: Bistro Chez Remy does not disappoint. It is fully emersive and so well themed that you could spend hours just looking at all of the details. 

Any guest will feel welcome at Bistro Chez Remy. Make sure to spend some time in the lobby before you go to your table; there are a lot of special little details you'll want to see. 

Chef Remy's first €5 that he earned, in the display case above. 
The menu:

Our meal:


Love the small details: the sauce was served in a chef's hat!

The meal is a bit pricey (39.90 euros/adult; 17 euros/children), especially when it is not a character meal (at this time). We hope in the future Chef Remy, Emile and Linguini will make appearances but let's remember, this was opening night. But trust us, we were not disappointed. The atmosphere alone was worth the experience. 

The forks serve as a coat rack!

Overall, we would recommend Bistro Chez Remy. Hopefully the next time we are "in the area" we'll be able to meet the Petit Chef himself! Bon Appetite!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ratatouille: Remy's Adventure

'When we were planning our trip to Europe we knew Disneyland Paris was going to have to be on the itinerary. We never expected that we would be there during the grand opening of the new Ratatouille area.

Despite the initial chaos of excited crowds, we were able to get on the new ride twice! Being very familiar with the North American parks, we can safely say that we have never seen anything like the Ratatouille ride in a Disney park. We have experienced rides in other theme parks that are similar in technology.

Tip: being a new ride, the crowds in the morning are crazy, creating a minimum 3 hour wait as most people line up for the ride. If you are lucky/clever, try and get a FastPass for later in the day. The line does tend to quiet down as the day goes on: it was only a 90 minute wait by 12:30. By 8:30 it was a 30 minute wait. 

The 3D ride takes you on an adventure through the eyes of a rat. Your adorable ride vehicle is one of Remy's rat friends.  Your adventure starts on the roof top of Gusteau's and then takes you on a full sensory adventure as you try to make it to Remy's restaurant. 

The regular queue area:

Entering the building:

The regular line and FastPass lines meet to see the rooftops of Paris. Listen closely, you may hear the sounds of Paris too!

Make sure you watch Gusteau; he may just surprise you. 

Don't forget your 3D glasses

And finally, the loading area:

As you exit the ride, you get a glimpse into Bistro Chez Remy:

Ratatouille: Remy's Adventure is a fun, delightful ride. It is a wonderful tribute to a movie that is near and dear to France. 

We look forward to what the Imagineers will do with this technology. 

Stay tuned for our experience at Bistro Chez Remy