About Us

Melony Lauzon from Calgary, AB Canada. Full time Executive Assistant. Vinylmation addict.

Favourite Disney character: Mickey Mouse
Favourite Disney animated movie: there are too many! But whenever I need to warm my heart I always turn to Cinderella
First trip to Disneyland: 1998
Favourite Disneyland ride: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Favourite Walt Disney World ride: Expedition Everest
Favourite Disney moment: my very first visit in 1998 with my Mom. Although Steph & I have shared many special moments together in a Disney park, my first trip will remain special and unforgettable.
Random fact: I love my Sulley pillow pet.

Steph Lauzon from Calgary, AB Canada. Full time Flight Attendant. Pin collector.

Favourite Disney character: Goofy
Favourite Disney animated movie: The Lion King
First trip to Disneyland: 2005
Favourite Disneyland ride: Indiana Jones Adventure
Favourite Walt Disney World ride: Spaceship Earth
Favourite Disney moment: when I asked Melony to marry me next to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Oh and the time Melony chased Tweedledee and Tweedledum down Main Street to get a picture.
Random fact: I love Star Wars and Marvel. I also consider myself a Disney history enthusiast.

Our History
Met: 2002 in Culinary school. The checker pants & poofy hat were irresistible!
First Trip to Disneyland together: 2005
Engaged in Disneyland: 2006
Honeymoon in Disneyland: 2008
First Trip to Walt Disney World together: 2011
First Disney movie watched together: Lilo & Stitch
Why are we doing this: We have a love and passion for anything Disney. We love the culture and the great people we have meet in the Disney community. We want to share our love and knowledge, hoping to make someone's Disney experience as special as it is to us.

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